Taking Stock: January 2014

This list is courtesy of Pip from Meet Me At Mike’s, which I found via Anna’s post, that also led me to set goals for 2014, that worried the cat that killed the rat that ate the malt that lay in the house that Jack built (phew!).

Anyway, I usually don’t keep tabs on how things are going, but I’m making a conscious effort this year. Especially since there’s much I’d like to do. So, here’s how January kicked off 2014 for me…

Making: a striped blanket/throw. I also made ‘tang yuan’, or glutinous rice dumplings, for Lunar New Year. Pretty good, if I do say so myself.

Cooking: a lot less than I used to.

Drinking: coffee as usual, but now I’m also trying to drink lots of water.

Reading: things for work — my job description, policies and procedures, how the program works, and general social work stuff because I forgot how to work it socially.

Wanting: more energy when I get home from work. What happened to it? I swear I had more than this before.

Looking: forward to the year.

Playing: smooth fm on the radio while driving to and from work.

Deciding: between a new car or an overseas trip.

Wishing: I could be with the man I left behind…

Enjoying: Summer, daylight savings, and cool evening breezes.

Waiting: too long to start my new job.

Liking: the ‘different me’ in all her weird and awkward glory.

Wondering: why people say they’re getting old as an excuse for giving up their hobbies or living a life they’re not content with.

Loving: the giant Rubber Duck that visited Parramatta River.

Pondering: if I’m good enough to call myself a ‘social worker’.

Considering: doing a DIY project, but having too many ideas to decide which one I should do first.

Watching: the Australian Open.

Hoping: I’m able to keep this new job for a while.

Marvelling: at how home-grown fruit and vegetables can bring a family closer together.

Needing: more sleep.

Smelling: coffee and Mum’s home-cooked food.

Wearing: new dresses and not enough sunscreen.

Following: my own advice on taking risks and doing whatever makes me happy.

Noticing: two resident praying mantises in my little lemon tree.

Knowing: that life is full of opportunities and that, yes, I can start from scratch again.

Thinking: about too many things.

Admiring: fresh flowers in the home.

Sorting: my life out.

Buying: clothes for work that can also be worn elsewhere. Very challenging!

Saving: my pay cheque for all the little things I want.

Getting: gardening and landscaping ideas for the front and back yard.

Disliking: the recent heatwaves.

Opening: up to people.

Giggling: with different people about many random things.

Feeling: tired, but content.

Do you take stock? How would you sum up January 2014? Let me know if you care to share.


2 thoughts on “Taking Stock: January 2014

  1. annainternational says:

    Great list. Cant believe you have a little lemon tree and are wearing flimsy dresses and sunscreen! It’s welly boots and waterproof coats here all the way! I guess you don’t miss the British weather?!


    • Sandy says:

      Thanks. I’ve missed Summer terribly, but I love a good stomp through puddles in my wellies too! If there’s anything I miss about British weather, it’s the snow. If you send me some snow, I’ll send you some Aussie sunshine 😉


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